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> Tr-anime was called out

Tubb just wants attention, and doesn't generally know any better. (S)he might not be intentionally fucking things up by putting muhjoo shit in the bread, as bakers are reliant upon anons - it's a copy/paste job. This is compounded by the fact that Tubb spends so much time interacting with anons, rather than baking. The need to focus is why I've never tried my hand at baking - I have too-much habbening IRL to dedicate the attention span to a bread.

But, yeah, the muhjoo shit needs to be edit-out of the bread by somebody with access. I guess. WTF do I know?

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> Seben

> Is MuhJoo shit from Tubb (the anime baker) an ongoing problem in bread?

I had IRL habben during early night shift yesterdayt, so I'm not sure what habben later. But Tubb was around most of day-shift prior, and seemed to be behave while baking. Seemed to behave in general, other than too-much /b/. I didn't notice any muh-joo shit in the breads I saw Tubb baking recently.

Again, I'm fuckin' nobody, but the PB is there for other anons to lurk.

Tubb needs to do less /b/ while baking.

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> Clowns trying to incite shit

They think I'm stupid and don't know how to get involved without using a rifle. They think that, just because I'm death-in-the-wind with a bolt-action, I'm going to do something stupid. Or that another anon will, because other anons are in the same situation. They know how to deal death too.

And the clowns, being too dumb themselves, assume that we are too. That we can't figure out how to work inside the boundaries of non-combatant operations. The glowies are too dumb to figure out how to get anything done, unless they use a gun to make their slaves provide. But I don't need a slave to provide for me, and I don't need a gun to get things done.

Fuck the glowies. Their time will come.

Timing is everything.