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This anon dug on it. Ballot Collection (Ballot Harvesting) is legal in almost all states in one form or another. Ballot Collection laws will be followed and Trump is going to not only win, but win BIG.

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Here's how the Dems gamed MAGA in 2020 and 2022.

  1. Build a ballot harvesting system and get it legalized using Covid.

  2. Use FoxNews and FakeNews to swamp the airwaves with 'ballot harvesting is illegal'

  3. Use ballot harvesting while MAGA uses same day voting


Ballot harvesting was NOT ILLEGAL. The FakeNews CONNED you.

Scott Presler, we need ballot collection procedures YESTERDAY.

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Ballot 'ranked choice voting' was supposed to replace ballot harvesting when MAGA wised up but [they] are having major issues getting ranked choice voting approved in enough states to make it viable, so for 2024, whichever side has the best ballot collection team will win the election.

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Clinton Era Post Office takeover with false flags.


Edmond post office shooting


Clinton used 'privatization' and shooting false flags to wholesale replace the USPS Executive Management. Vote fraud / organ trafficking / child trafficking / drug trafficking / extortion / evidence planting


The USPS and FBI are the same organization.


Under President Clinton, the Postal Service began contracting out services. Today contracts comprise about 20 percent of its operating budget or $12 billion.

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In Washington DC all Federal Employees have reciprocal rights from agency to agency and you can use your federal id to get into everything, congress, Agriculture, OPM, etc… There are only 4 agencies that don't allow other Fed Employees from other agencies in their buildings (excluding the obvious like military bases / cia / nsa etc..). Those 4 agencies are the FBI/DOJ/Dept of Education and the US Post Office and the US Post Office HQ is like an armed entrenchment.


Bad bad things are afoot in the USPS as recently as the AZ 2022 election.