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read this. may consider. helped anon's kidney pain after COVID. (please anons FFS don't say there is no such thing as COVID.)


MH: I think that a lot of applications that are going to be great, nobody's really studied that much. I'll give you one example, which is kidney failure. Kidney failure is the third leading cause of death. These are old folks who are dying from kidney failure. You can't really give them transplants because they're elderly. You put a near-infrared LED array where their kidneys are and it seems to work like a dream.


JM: Any other exciting applications that you've seen in used for? I wasn't aware of the kidney one.


MH: Diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Where d you put the light? I think Most people end up putting it on the belly, right? Because light has effects on fats and it can melt it away a little bit. It's anti-inflammatory. A lot of these problems are caused by having excess inflammation in your belly fat, the big sort of reservoir of all these inflammatory cytokines.




JM: It's simple to do. At 600 and 850, is there any danger to looking at that light when you're standing in front of the bed, from your prospective? It's probably healthy and beneficial, I would think.