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Okay, so let's tie a few things together. The news that there's a "new name we haven't seen before" in the whole bidan crime family. Remember when we did analysis of "Joe biden's" presidential signature, vs his old one, and Jill's signature style? And how president Bidan's signature looked like hers? Back then I wondered why. It's clear this is the next stage of the mil op.

What happened? Trump signed the 2018 election EO. The mil did their part, and they have been running things since then as per their authorization. That's why they were able to replace Biden with Bidan. You really think they replaced him and Jill didn't know what happened? When "he's shot!" happened, she flipped and is playing a role ever since. She was literally the only "semi-innocent" one left to the public eye. Now it's going to be turned into 'she was running the whole show the whole time' because Capt. Ice Cream was too busy groping children to know how to vent, vent, prevent them all from being caught or exposed in the media.

But how far will they go? Is she going to be made into the one directing the fib and the doj not to investigate the bidens or the election fraud? Is she being "blackmailed " by China, zelensky, or some shekelsteinbergman? Is she "out to get trump"? Is she behind hunters business deals? Will she be outed as being behind the car accident that cleared the way for her to marry Joe?

Grab a beer and a smoke. The movie is getting good.

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Yep I agree. Fake as all the others. At least I didn't see half his head disappear, or his hand go through the microphone this time.

I think i made the shills mad. We must be over the target.