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PASS the word in WI


Listen to this short video if you live in Wisconsin.You must vote early for Justice Daniel Kellyin WI. Laxalt lost in NV because people waited till vote day, it was snowing later, and people couldn’t make it to the polls. He lost 40,000 votes because of snow


Vote Early, engage people to vote


==Wisconsin Imperative vote for

Justice Daniel Kelly on Supreme Court on April 4Th==,


Wisconsin anons youMUST elect him, including mail in votes.


If Daniel Kelly doesn't get inyou will have a liberal SCin they will overturn all election laws put in to protect elections and voters


If anons, friends or families can help you can help Pressler call or contact voters for Kelly to win.

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MTG: ‘No Doubt’ Invasion Of US Border Was Organized By Biden.


Listen if you want



Democrats refused to show up at the border meeting becauseBenny Johnson republicans would politicize it!second video

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This answers the “who knows”! We know!




Matthew Colangelo became Acting Associate Attorney General onJanuary 20, 2021day one under Bidan


Prior to his appointment, Mr. Colangelo served in the New York Attorney General’s Office as the Chief Counsel for Federal Initiatives and asExecutive Deputy Attorney General for Social Justice. He has been a Distinguished Lecturer at the Georgetown University Law Center, andserved in the Obama administrationas a Deputy Assistant to President Obama and Deputy Director of the National Economic Council. Prior to that, he served asChief of Staff to Department of Labor Secretary Tom Perezfor three years, and as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the Department of Justice.


Mr. Colangelo holds a J.D. from Harvard University

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Wow, well he knew they would come sooner or later, he made it that when they were gathering evidence, it ignited or the FBI knew this was an illegal order and didn’t want to take the evidence with them. No evidence, no crime to confirm.

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I love that a Kentucky Congressman could take Joe Bidan down. Thats amusing because we know how Bidan looks down to people “supposedly not in his social structure”


God bless and protect Comer and his staff, they need security