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Coerced how and on what basis? Some context is needed especially if calling the police is not a desired option.

Child abduction how?

<Taken from you by the mother?

The child's physical and emotional well being should be of top priority. If safe work things out legally calmly with LAWYER. Best option long term is to not traumatize the child in a messy relationship situation.

<Taken from you both by the state?



Is it actually an emergency?

Is the child's life at risk? If so call law enforcement immediately. There is no one else.

If state authorities are taking them (CPS), Irrational behavior even in this distressing moment only adds to their case, proper protocols must be followed. Demand your child back rationally and address their concerns coherently with a LAWYER.


Sounds like a bad situation anyways. If I can be a level head to help point you in the right direction or brainstorm solutions I'm glad to help. But need to know situation. Prayers for the child and you too anon.