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They dropped the Oil/Gold/Silver to $ ratio

  • claims it is because number of $ is decreasing now

This isn't true and wouldn't matter anyway to calculating a ratio

These ratios have blown out through the roof and they are afraid to show it. The paper "price" of gold and silver is being throttled and would show the rapid divergence if they continued to report it.

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Hoping it is a countdown to when it is to return to being online. Have missed the site and its features. Not sure it is worthy of "following" but would keep an eye on it to see if it comes back online at the end of the countdown.

The patriots that ran that site were extremely helpful to our work.


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Chretien grabbed a statue to defend himself when an intruder broke into his residence and the RCMP didn't respond.


Also kept Canada out of the Iraq war 1.0

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Ankles worse than Killary

Must be LL


The MSM debunked a story that Natalie Biden was a boy in drag but shone a light on the fact that she has bruised knees getting off the plane with her creepy Grandpa.


Top KEK Anons

They take the BAIT

Every time