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CBP Officers Arrest 38 Fugitives Including Three Men Sought for Sexual Offenses Against Children


EL PASO, Texas – U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working at El Paso area ports of entry have apprehended 38 fugitives since the beginning of March, including three men wanted for sexual offences against children.


“CBP’s mission is to protect our country and communities, at and beyond our borders,” said Director Field Operations Hector A. Mancha. “Our interagency communication and partnership with federal, state, local and international agencies is vital in accomplishing our mission.”


On March 2, at the Port of Columbus, New Mexico, CBP officers were notified that a 55-year-old male, U.S. citizen, wanted for failing to register as a sexual offender, possession of child pornography, and aggravated sexual assault of a minor was apprehended in Mexico by Mexican authorities. CBP officers aided coordination with federal and international agencies to repatriate the individual via the port of entry.


On March 12, at the Paso Del Norte Border Crossing, CBP officers encountered a 33-year-old male, Mexican citizen, who arrived via the pedestrian lanes. The man was secured and escorted to secondary for further inspection where biometric verification confirmed his identity along with an active warrant for lewdness with a child under the age of 14, lewdness with a child under the age of 16, sexual assault with a minor under 16 years of age, out of the North Las Vegas Police Department, Las Vegas, Nevada.


On March 13, at the Ysleta Port of Entry, CBP officers encountered a 26-year-old male, Mexican citizen, who arrived via the pedestrian lanes. The man was secured and escorted to secondary for further inspection where biometric verification confirmed his identity along with an active warrant for sexual offence/sexual exploitation of a child out of the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office, Eagle, Colorado.


The individuals were arrested by CBP officers and turned over to local authorities pending extradition to the originating agency.


The additional 35 individuals taken into custody were being sought on a variety of charges to include assault, sexual assault, cruelty towards a child, larceny, and dangerous drugs.

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OXFAM Criticizes IMF Loans. IMF Creates Poverty & Inequality in Developing Nations


In a report covering covid-19 period from March 2020 to March 2021 OXFAM’s research bring home some hard facts that are camouflaged by words & terms. IMF Fiscal consolidation is nothing but austerity upon low-income & middle class populations while IMF reforms means cutting social welfare & subsidies. OXFAM says that these measures which cover taxing, wage bill cuts or freezes, pension cuts, subsidy elimination, cuts to public spending have over period of time brought countries to great difficulty as they have to continue taking loans & paying back taken loans with interest while people suffer consequences of IMF recommendations. OXFAM claims IMF austerity increases income of the wealthiest 10% at the expense of the bottom 80% which include the middle class who face the most burdens.


IMF Consolidation = austerity


IMF reforms = elimination of subsidies/cuts/freezes etc.


How does the wealthiest 10% increase their income.


IMF while recommending to slash state subsidies to the people, also promote privatization & when state entities are privatized while state increases prices/taxes which have to be borne by the poor – the private owners naturally gain more income as they hold most avenues of revenue.


Within 9 months in 2020, 1000 billionaires wealth had increased by $3.9trillion but workers had lost $3.7trillion in labor income. This showed the gap between top 10% & bottom 80% widening.


When the covid-pandemic struck, Governments had no choice but to impose lockdown which impacted every sphere of society. OXFAM says that neglected health, education by the State as a result of IMF agreed initiatives, countries were ill-prepared to deal with the pandemic & their self-sustainence apparatus had been compromised.


According to OXFAM only 1 in 6 countries were spending enough on health, only 1/3 the global workforce had adequate social protection and 1 in 3 workers across 100 countries had no labor protection.


OXFAM accuses IMF of not promoting “people centred just & equal recovery to fight inequality not fuel it”. IMF should encourage governments to increase social spending not cut it. Then only quality of the people improve. OXFAM asks why IMF doesn’t focus on people-centred recovery through policy that redistributes free quality universal – healthcare, education & social protection.


OXFAM says that IMF is well aware of the burden of austerity unevenly distributed across society, globally.


OXFAM says that IMF is also aware that imposing austerity will only worsen the pre-pandemic situation of low income families. IMF loan interest may be cheaper, but look at the cost to the people burdened by IMF conditions.


Why does IMF always targets the poorer segments of society & never the corrupt rich, the corrupt corporates or the corrupt politicians.


Why doesn’t IMF impose wealth tax, capital gains tax, removal of tax exemptions that favor rich, demanding governments tackle illicit financial flows (tax evasion).

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Doctor who used hidden camera bracelet to secretly record patients ages 6-11 charged with possession of child pornography in Massachusetts


Federal investigators conducted multiple searches of Ferrick's homes and uncovered dozens of devices he allegedly used to record child pornography.


In February, 32-year-old Dr. Bradford Ferrick, a resident doctor in Massachusetts, was arrested and charged for possessing thousands of videos and images of child pornography, many of which were of his young patients, whom he secretly recorded with multiple hidden cameras.


According to the New York Post, US Attorney Rachael Rollins said, "I can think of no greater fear as a parent or guardian than potential harm coming to your child. Today we allege that this doctor, who held a position of trust with access to children, maintained child sexual abuse material."


On Wednesday, the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusett said federal investigators conducted multiple searches of Ferrick's homes and uncovered dozens of devices he allegedly used to record child pornography.


Authorities searched a home of his in Winchester on February 13 and seized 61 devices including hidden cameras, cellphones, computers, SD cards, and external hard drives, all alleged to have been used in recording and storing child pornography.


A February 17 search of the same location brought the seizure of another 11 devices and a February 21 search of a rented home saw the seizure of 8 more devices.


One of the devices allegedly used to record the child pornography was a bracelet that Ferrick wore while conducting medical exams on child patients.


The material on the seized devices allegedly contained pornography featuring children between 6 and 11 years old.


He was put on unpaid leave by Baystate Franklin Medical Center after his arrest.


US Attorney Rollins said, "Members of the public with questions, concerns or any information pertaining to this doctor are strongly encouraged to contact the FBI via the provided form. As members of law enforcement, the safety of children is our highest priority." Federal authorities established the form for families who believe Ferrick may have abused their children.


"Together, in close cooperation with the medical facilities where Dr. Ferrick was employed, we will do all that we can to identify the duration and scope of his alleged offenses and proceed accordingly and expeditiously," Rollins said.


After his arrest, Ferrick was charged in Woburn District Court with four counts of possession of child pornography. He was released on bail after pleading not guilty.


On Wednesday, Ferrick was ordered into custody, reports the Boston Globe, and awaits a March 21 detention and probable cause hearing.


If convicted he could face 20 years in prison.


According to WCVB, "Ferrick began a medical residency in July 2022 focused on Family Medicine with Baystate Franklin Family Medicine, including rotations at facilities in at least Greenfield, Deerfield and Springfield, Mass."

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Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Shooting Wanted Palestinian at Point-blank Range in West Bank Raid


Four Palestinians were killed and 18 others wounded as large Israeli forces reportedly enter the Jenin refugee camp in search of suspects


Israeli soldiers shot a wanted Palestinian at point-blank range to confirm he is dead in a raid in the West Bank refugee camp of Jenin on Thursday.

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MYPILLOW CEO MIKE LINDELL Reveals He Had To Take Out $10 Million Loan To Keep His “Employee-Owned” AMERICAN Company Afloat Because of Lawsuits Against Him Over His Fight For Election Integrity


NOBODY—and I mean NOBODY has worked as hard or risked as much as My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell to discover the truth about what happened in the 2020 election that caused the most popular President in recent history to lose to a guy who campaigned from his basement and couldn’t get a dozen supporters to hear him speak when he finally did emerge from his safe space.


100 Percent Fed Up reports – From exposing the truth about how voting machines are vulnerable to hacking (a well-known issue that Democrats warned about following the 2016 election) to questioning why states are still using ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center), a third-party, based on a George Soros-funded Pew Research survey that “maintains” voter rolls. ERIC was designed by David Becker, a far-left lawyer tied to multiple dirty Democrats. ERIC is given private information of voters by multiple states across America. In turn, ERIC, without the consent of voters, shares your data with third-party organizations. To date, of 34 states, three states have discontinued their relationships with ERIC, while several more states are set to do the same.


Without Mike Lindell’s messaging, much of the progress that’s been made to expose loopholes and dirty tricks used by Democrats to steal our elections would never have happened.


But instead of offering praise to Mike Lindell for fighting for free and fair elections in America, the Left attacked him. Dominion Voting Machines, who refused Mike’s offer to let a team of forensic specialists examine their machines to prove they can’t be hacked or rigged in favor of certain candidates or proposals, threatened My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell with a letter from defamation lawyers. In the letter, Dominion lawyer Thomas A. Clare called Lindell’s attacks on the voting company used in all six contested states “implausible,” adding they have “no basis in reality.” They have since sued Mike Lindell for $1.3 BILLION. Mike Lindell almost immediately sued Dominion Voting Machines for “suppression of speech and attacks on the company”(My Pillow).


Shortly after the breach of the Jan 6 breach of the Capitol, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls H-E-B, and Wayfair all announced they would stop carrying My Pillow products in their stores over Mike Lindell’s close relationship with President Trump after Democrats, RINOs, and many in the media blamed President Trump’s speech for the “spontaneous” attack.


Now, Mike Lindell, a fearless warrior for Christ and for the truth, has announced that he was forced to take out a $10 million loan last year to keep his American company, My Pillow, afloat.


Watch Mike explain how he had to take out three loans in the amount of $10 million to keep his employee-owned company in business:

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Top Executives at First Republic Bank Sold Millions of Dollars in Company Stock Before Shares Plummeted – And No SEC Filing!


Top Executives at First Republic Bank sold $12 million in company stock before shares plummeted, according to the Wall Street Journal.


The stock sale does not show up in SEC filings.


The executives filed insider forms with the FDIC thanks to a loophole in the Securities Act of 1933, the Wall Street Journal reported.


First Republic Bank was downgraded to “junk” by the S&P on Wednesday.


“We believe the risk of deposit outflows is elevated at First Republic Bank despite the actions of federal banking regulators and the bank actively increasing its borrowing availability to mitigate risk associated with the bank failures over the last week,” S&P said in a statement.


“Still, if deposit outflows continue, we expect First Republic would need to rely on its more costly wholesale borrowings. This would encumber its balance sheet and hurt its modest profitability,” said S&P, according to Market Watch.


As of December 31, First Republic Bank had $176.4 billion in deposits – 68% of which are above the $250,000 FDIC insurance limit, according to Market Watch.


Customers were lined up at a First Republic Bank in Los Angeles on Saturday to withdraw their money after Silicon Valley Bank failed.