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> Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God

The book of Romans makes it clear that Christians are to "render unto Caesar" only so-far as Caesar's edicts are just. If Caesar commands you to engage in un-Christian acts, your duty is to refuse. This has ramifications that many Christians refuse to acknowledge, especially once the full scope of their activities is laid bare.

Stop assisting them.

Stop paying them.

Stop obeying them.

Stop legitimizing them.

Stop pretending they are anything other than duplicitous criminals.

And anyone who is forced to defend themselves against these criminals should be found guiltless. Not trying to pick a fight or make an accusation, just pontificating a bit.


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> The "Jewish" communist uprising in Germany during the Weimar era

Don't forget that the "Jewish" uprising also included mustache-man.

Whatever others may tell you, Hitler was a Marxist-Socialist before he rebranded as a National-Socialist.