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>pettiness and desperation

No I disagree. If Trump violated some little campaign finance law his enemies would paint him as literally the hitler of election finance violations


So I don't blame him one little bit for holding them to the same standard they would hold him to

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Evil work at that time nearly tricked me into taking a test.


They tried sending me to a state where PCR tests were the only permissible test, while implying it would be a rapid test


I didn't know that state's rules.


Very tricky. Ambush.


I never had any, in the end. But they tried.

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>-Flight 23

yeah and there was a backpack with kooran's and the pilot was concerned and didn't take off and this proves that it was a moozlimic conspiracy


Yeah we all know about flight 23.


Now. Each of the crash sites (WTC, Pentagon, PA) has aconstantly flushing water memorial. This is due to the heat that is still being generated by the application of the advanced futuristic energy weapons that were used that day

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The general rule is they double the money supply every 20 years. That's about 3.5% a year.


That's a better rule of thumb than the numbers they publish. It matches commodity prices better than the numbers they publish.


They tacitly admit this number in the inflation bond small print - guarantee you double in 20 years