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Just gave the QR ribbon a much-needed revamp.

Took out all the dead links & added links to two board anons can use to do practice bakes: /comms/ and /qrn/


/Comms/ was created by baker Rusty in March 2018 & has info from baking classes from 2019 plus space for creating new bakes & doing shadow bakes (where new baker 'shadows' the QR baker).

/QRN/ was created by BV Dart last year and also has useful tips for newfag bakers.


Anons interested in either baking or notetaking can drop a line in META to get Q's answered, a baking walk-through, or feedback on practice bakes.

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>re Jim W opine on anime

Great thing about free speech is we can each have our own opinions.

Anything that is not illegal acceptable to post on 8kun, including anime.

Doesn't mean all boards are anime boards.