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“Why Would I Want to Fight For People Who Hate Me?” U.S. Army Ad Panned on YouTube


(Because the only way is the comped, woke, vax-crippled military, faggots.)


The US Army released a new ad last week reviving their old “Be All You Can Be” slogan in a bid to attract the “deplorables” they alienated with woke garbage and vax mandates to enlist but they appear to be running into a wee bit of trouble.


Despite the ad being markedly “anti-woke” (when compared to current standards) and trying to appeal to more traditional American values, the comments on the video are overwhelmingly negative with poster after poster asking why any normal American would want to fight for people who hate them.


“Why would I want to fight for people who hate me?” one commenter said.


“I’m never dying for people who hate me. NEVER,” said another.


“Nobody in my neighborhood speaks english or flies the American flag,” read another post. “Thanks for defending my country.”