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Why is Trump so afraid of DeSantis? Just because he got real results and accomplished real things that improved the lives of all Floridians?


Pro-Trump PAC Files Ethics Complaint against DeSantis, Alleges Illegal ‘Shadow Campaign’ for President


A pro-Trump political action committee (PAC) has filed a lawsuit against Ron DeSantis, accusing the Republican Florida governor of running a “shadow presidential campaign.”


The PAC, Make America Great Again Inc., filed a 15-page ethics complaint against DeSantis in Florida.


The head of MAGA Inc., Taylor Budowich, sent a letter to Florida Commission on Ethics Glenton Gilzean, whom DeSantis appointed.


The letter alleges that there is probable cause to investigate whether DeSantis has violated Florida law.


The claim is that DeSantis violated the law by fundraising through his Friends of Ron DeSantis PAC.

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The whole muh Jew thing makes no sense to me, and yes, I’ve read the arguments and points made about who controls what and blah blah blah. I have no idea what my ethnicity is other than I’m a white dude born in America. And you know what? I could give 2 shits to know. I never gave it much thought growing up. I’m never saw (read) people so obsessed with it (one way or the other) before I came to this board. WTAF?

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Then why is he deploying the same witch hunt tactics he accuses others of deploying against him against DeSantis? If it doesn’t matter and it had to be this way and the military is the only way, then what’s the point? Seems petty and a bit hypocritical to me.

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You avoided the initial question. If DeSantis had donated to the Clintons. and been chummy with them to the point of having them at his wedding, Trump and all of his acolytes (you) would never stop harping on it. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house. Pass it on.