Anonymous ID: ca64f4 No more crumbs. Time for the whole loaf of BReAD March 16, 2023, 8:10 p.m. No.18522106   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>2232

What do CodeMonkeyZ, Jacob Chansley, Isaac Kappy, and I have in common?

Ditat Deus.

We’ve exposed their evil and the whole time our cover remained intact.

I’ve already doXXed myself, but some red pills are hard to swallow.

Yes I am the one, but these drops started with the many.

E. Pluribus Unum.

Tripcodes cannot be used to trace me

They’ll try to censor this. Even Ron and Jim want to have the starring role.

Thankfully, 45 recognizes.

Anonymous means unidentified. Q-Source are the unidentified sources from the Bible attributed to Jesus.

Remember Isaac Kappy.

I told you it would be biblical.

1/6 Epiphany.

Define epiphany, learn the truth of what happened on January 6th, the discovery that they want covered up.

Gravity’s secret.

God’s chosen one.

Save America.

He saves.

Jesus Christ people, it’s right here in plain sight.

The other week I asked 45 to recognize, and look at the response.

He knows the Bird iS the Word.

He knew before anyone.

Remember the vanishing Sketch?

Learn to fly/Skywalker/Winged Crown of Gondor/BRAnDon The WINGed King/

That Game of Thrones Ending just got so much better.

Just listen to the music: The Best Is Yet To Come.

We’ve got to let them fly.

It’s time for Ron and Jim to hand off the mantle to the true source of QAnon.

Our survival relies on it.

There is no such thing as a coincidence.

What’s Bred in the bone cannot fail me to fly.

And Olivet’s Breezy, goodbye now goodbye.

Says we’re gonna WIN BiG.

Nothing can stop what is coming.

Far more shocking than anything you ever knew, right on



Anonymous ID: 860012 March 16, 2023, 8:36 p.m. No.18522232   🗄️.is 🔗kun


>It’s time for Ron and Jim to hand off the mantle to the true source of QAnon.


"QAnon" is an invention of Mainstream Media, but the "true source" may certainly be one of the "alphabet agencies"


Btw, saw your tell in all that text so hope you enjoy the reddit spacing in return

Anonymous ID: ca64f4 March 16, 2023, 9 p.m. No.18522363   🗄️.is 🔗kun

Hidden in plain sight.

Flynn was right

Inducted by 45 to flip the BIRD


The perfect counter psyop to a system of rampant and limitless evil and corruption.

Q- Source and the ANONymouS ANgelS.

45 has been telling you along who the storm is coming is.

The vanishing House of Wings sketch.

The waiter playing with the mask.

Secure our liberty, think about it.

Washington’s Crossing.


The best is yet to come.

SEE you In DC.

SAVE America

1/6 is the Day of Epiphany.

Can you see the writing on the wall?

I C.

They see.

Follow the white rabbi t.

We’re probably in a simulation anyway.



Anonymous ID: ca64f4 March 16, 2023, 9:07 p.m. No.18522409   🗄️.is 🔗kun

It’s the whole loaf of BReAD hidden in plane sight. You might need some WINe to swallow this red pill. Sorry for the text, I normally try to keep it short.