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On Wednesday morning, JAG investigators encircled Lightfoot’s car after he and Eshleman had entered it after emerging from a Starbucks in the northwest suburb of Barrington. Lightfoot reportedly resisted arrest, and the ensuing struggle caused his sweatpants to slide over his hips, revealing male genitalia. Investigators were forced to use tasers to subdue the duo, who had suddenly turned on each other, with each accusing the other of “selling out.”


“That Lightfoot’s a dude is no surprise,” our source said. “I believe we have sufficient evidence to convict Lightfoot. Eshleman’s status is up in the air, but we have proof she knew about Lightfoot’s crimes,” our source said.

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EU Central Bank Raises Rates Again Despite Weakened Banking Concerns – Supporting Climate Change and Assisting Central Bank Digital Currency Creation Most Important