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QClock March 16, 2023 - ver II FEAR THE STORM


QClock March 16, 2023 - ver II FEAR THE STORM - Rats Everywhere


I'll just point out again…clock acting like a fractal….


We are 17 / 45 on the clock….mirror to "45" is "15" and even though the drops aren't on the "15" line they tie to "15"

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Just occurred to me…perhaps he was drooling like that b/c he put some cocaine on his tongue and couldn't feel / control anything….?


I remember watching it and thinking how fucked up is that…? and then the most assinine "excuse" presented …"too much chapstick"??? Holy fuck hell….what did a 3 year old put the chapstick on him…? gimme a break.

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>1) do you think RRN stuff could get posted without a cover story like this?


RRN could never post their shit if it wasn't true or close to accurate. They attribute events to real people (i've looked some up). They'd shut it down for libel if it were false …OR RRN would have to stop using real names.


Buuuut…we have to go on catering to this bewildering sloth of the MSM.


I thought it was hysterical when i saw that anons RRN highlight (cuz I don't think he realized).

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>These bad ass Q proofs don't even get noted anymore.


The A.I. notices that we notice. Believe it or not that is important…..kinda like taking temperature(s) of the crowd with an NSA satellite.


I'm a little dumbfounded when I hear anons getting a little skitish (guilty myself as well)…but if it were "truly" a 100% Biden admin they wouldn't be putting out comms…connections the way they do….b/c blackhats would find them and arrest them for "insurrection" or some nonsense.


SO….we know that w/h have safe spaces and time and resources…and they are bothering to continue to put out the comms….why would they bother…? Becaus they need to:


quell our anxiety,

keep us on track





Because we (anons) are the tip of the spear for fhe "Patriot Community" …i..e the ones that are more entrenched in "main stream society."


Out tone is guided…because have that much reach and influence…odd isn't it…?