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Roman Catholic Church 24 hour news round up and 2 very eye opening related articles concerning the RCC's resistance and fallout from the Child Victims Act


DOJ investigation leads to discovery of credibly accused priest

John J. Cullinan, who served in Mosinee and Wausau, was added to the La Crosse Diocese list of credibly accused priests.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 4 hours ago


Survivor calls on Archdiocese of St. John's to release names of accused priests

Gemma Hickey wants the Catholic church to start naming names. As a survivor of clergy abuse, and an advocate for other survivors, Hickey is tired of chasing…

CBC 7 hours ago


Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland may declare bankruptcy in light of child sex abuse lawsuits

The Diocese of Oakland is considering filing for bankruptcy due claims of child sex abuse by priests, the church announced in a letter on Thursday.

ABC7 News 10 hours ago


Bishop of Porto suspends 3 priests for suspected sexual abuse of children

Priests were all named in recent investigation into pedophilia in Portugal's Catholic Church - Anadolu Agency.

Anadolu Agency 10 hours ago


RI lawmaker renews fight to remove statute of limitations on child sexual-abuse lawsuits

PROVIDENCE – The war has begun anew over legal responsibility – and more specifically, who should be made to pay – for the sexual abuse of children,…

Yahoo 14 hours ago


Documentary dives into systemic clergy abuse in southeast Wisconsin'

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Peter Isley of Nate's Mission has been outspoken about his experience being a survivor of clergy abuse. For years he's been fighting…

CBS 58 19 hours ago


Catholic sex abuse researchers demand Pope Francis name investigated bishops

Prominent researchers of accountability for clergy sexual abuse called on Pope Francis on Wednesday to release the names of bishops investigated by the…

The Washington Post 1 day ago


Diocese of Buffalo places priest on leave for second time, previously named in lawsuit

The Diocese of Buffalo placed Monsignor Peter J. Popadick on leave for the second time Wednesday, after previously allowing the priest to return to…

Yahoo News 1 day ago


Facing hundreds of abuse claims, Albany Catholic Diocese declares bankruptcy

Filing comes after months of brinksmanship with attorneys for victims who filed abuse claims underChild Victims Act

Times Union March 15, 2023


EXCLUSIVE: Leaked transcript shows NY church's attempt to blockChild Victims Act

In a 2017 meeting, church leaders discussed the politics of reconciliation.

ABC News January 14, 2021

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There are zero "snake" fossils found in the past few thousand years of Ireland's sedimentary layers.

What or rather "Who" did this "Saint" chase away?

All Religions that came before must be Evil.