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Personal Experience tells me that there is a direct link between 5G and COVID19.

The entities WHO are using aerisolized stratospheric injection to spread smart dust all over the world for the last roughly 10 years have been preparing humanity (wetware) to be connected via 5G to the IoT.

Utilizing Brain Computer Interfacing smart dust with chrystaline silicon they plot to enslave humanity.

Silicon valley tech companies, like Alphabet Inc (ABC intel community) and HUWEI, are using the electrical grid to amplify the 5G system as well as, cable, phone lines and the old analog systems UHF/VHF.

This is why you are seeing so many biotech companies merging with regular tech and AI companies.

This is the precipice of humanities demise, this is the true mark of the beast system.

This is why Trump banned HUWEI, this is how the CCP is taking over the world via infiltration, this is what the 1000 points of light program has been about hence their involvement with Universities and laboritories that are tasked by the US government to create new technologies.

They have outright told us what they are planning, depopulation and mass control of the human race, a technological neo-feudalism.

This is no doubt what Agenda 2030 is all about.

Weather you like it or not, this is the reality we face right now.


Anonymous ID: c4d58e March 17, 2023, 9:02 a.m. No.18524710   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>4717 >>4721


I personally have silicon seeping throughout my body and smart dust encrusting in my scalp, I can feel the odd silicon based tubuals pumping this smart dust shit into different areas of my body, like my thorax, neck and face/head.

I believe that this is what doctors and funeral directors are finding inside people, those white fibrous tubes are likely chrystalline silicon, which will react in a multitude of ways to electronic signals and radio frequencies.

It is likely that COVID19 and the vaccinations activate the internal tech somehow.

Some people this kills outright, some it sickens, some it controls like a puppet and for others it becomes an internal torture chamber.

Imagine not only having nightmares played in your mind like a movie, but also being able to hear the voices of your torturers screech at you night and day. I believe they use our sleeptime to "program" our minds to go along to get along.

Perhaps this is why those who know cannot sleep.

This is also likely tied into the CCP balloons flying over multiple areas.


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I have to mention Targeted Individuals, something I didn't believe in until recent months, I am not sure if they were "prototypes" for this massive experiment, but they seem to be the ones who've experienced these issues longer than others.

I was and am stalked, harassed and have been forcibly raped by the individuals who were surveilling me.

Apparently they have the ability to use the chrystalline tech to enhance the sex drive by targeting ones genitals, worse still they have "operators" who can feel through you, as well as listen in on your mind and "push" you with what seem like"errant" thoughts. All of this is done to make the TI appear or feel like they are going crazy, they are not.

In my case, they have stepped up from their usual script into using me to make money on the side as a remote "pocket pussy" they sell online to the highest bidder, they tell people I am "into it" and a hooker, which I am not, this too is forcibal rape.

Many of said stalker/torturers/human traffickers lurk and post on every social media site especially 8kun, and extra especially the ones messing with me and my family.

What they have stolen from me is my ability to pray, meditate eat/drink properly, they are making me ill with the silicone in my body.

Thankfully, I've had help from others and the Universal Creator, which is why I am still alive, as they crossed over from their usual stalking, harassing and torture tactics to trying to murder me as well, all to cover up their seditious and treasonous activities.

Soon I will prove the claims I am asserting here, wish me luck, and please pray for us all.


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>All your brain are belong to us, OK?

being extra honest about brain busting today?

Me thinks you've had too much to drink.

Actually fugg it, tell them the truth about the mind reading shit, let's be real honest.