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I was just thinking about how my dog's cancer went away when I cut out all sugar from his diet n put him on a raw diet specially formulated for combating cancer. It has turmeric and such. My fren healed stage 4 stomach cancer because she had no choice but to believe 100% she'd be healed. She was raising a 3 and a 5 year old by herself and knew she could die. Once she had no doubt she would be healed, she experienced spontaneous healing. She didn't change her diet or anything. It was when she had faith without any doubt interwoven into it and she sent out one clear signal. There was no contradiction in her awareness. Moar and moar people are coming out saying they cured their cancer.


Anons know it can be cured now. I learned it from here. That's how I healed my dog. Some glorious bastard posted about alkalizing the blood and I had forgotten all about that. It's what led me to find the food I put him on. I was thinking this morning how we is a threat if it comes out cancer can be treated easily. My father's came back after he got injected and boosted and it's not going away this time. Had it 3x n "beat it." I'm trying to tell him we have been lied to and it can be cured but he thinks someone shat on my brain, as he put it.


Dr. Mikovits says we never even have to get any of these diseases because they create all of them.

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>he brain washing is virtually impossible to break through or combat.


My vet witnessed my dog's mass disappear. Just 4 weeks prior when I was there, they were talking to me and looking at each other like they felt bad for me because they thought I was in denial. They knew I was trying to cure his tumor and told me what I was seeing was the cancer spreading. I told them it was an abscess. No. They said I needed to get my head staright and be prepared bc my dog was gonna croak. Then Monday, 4 days ago, I witnessed them looking at the xrays and saying they couldn't see anything wrong in there, other than the abscess from his tooth. They didn't understand and forgot they had just told me 4 weeks ago I was looking at the way the cancer was spreading, so they were in denial now wondering if I had somehow lied to them about his condition. They were the 2nd opinion. The previous dr sent him home to die too. But that thing Anons have why we were chosen for a reason, made Anon know there had to be a better way.

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I mean it was easier for them to think I lied somehow. It was fukken willllllllld to watch them in disbelief. I hope it registered for the doctor later on. They literally were looking at me like I was crazy. Wtf? We just spent years trying to get rid of this thing and nothing was working. It was so wild. I guess I was watching cognitive dissonance in full force? Instead of thinking the tumor went away, it was easier for thm to believe that i'd been tripping thinking he had it but didn't when they just finished telling me the other shit 4 weeks prior and another vet was also involved. Maybe because it was making them have to question everything they believed? idk. It was wild. I left happy af and knew exactly what had just happened.