Anonymous ID: 0aa0ac March 17, 2023, 3:30 p.m. No.18526808   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>6814

>>18526788 TQB


Q Vatican RCC Research #6.66 Catacombs of the Black Vatican Edition Notes 600 ish updated 3/17/2023Page 1

>>17980695 Pope thanks three exemplars of charity - In memory of Mother Teresa - Inside The Little Known Dark Side Of Mother Teresa - You can't make this shit up, it's bad, real fucking bad…

>>17981345 Catholic Charities Under Siege - House Republicans and TX bearing down hard - Immigration, Illegal or otherwise, makes the Roman Catholic Church tons of our $$$

>>17995716 Migrants depend on Catholic Charities to avoid deportation

>>17995716 Republicans accuse Catholic Charities of breaking the law in its border response

>>17995716 Who’s Really Facilitating America’s Border Crisis? Biden Isn’t Acting Alone

>>18010555 Catholic Charities needs (your) help! God is Great yet according to certain Religions/Small Businesses, he can never find enough $$$

>>18013618 Catholic Charities is Big Mad Says it Dindu Nuffin! BOSS says USA dying from within > Anon fucking Loves Coincidences! Merry Fucking Christmas!

>>18016288 Catholic Charities received $200 Million PPP SMALL BUSINESS LOAN, Gave away $400 Million because Corporate Donors>Foundations working against (YOU)

>>18016336 Reminder Molest Children > Move funds around (Timothy Dolan) > Fight Legislation (child victims act) > Declare Bankruptcy > Change PPP Rules > Apply for Small Business Loans > $10 Billion!

>>18016338 The Cares Act that truly does not give a fuck what (you) think or want or need etc etc et al. Fuck the Constitution because Muh Religion!

>>18016426 Did you know that Catholic Charities is Approved as a Community-Based Organization by Homeland Security?

>>18017838 What is the USCCB? The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops? Deep State/Deep Church Agents of a Foreign Government?

>>18021969 The confusing path of the US Catholic bishops most are anti Francis so they must be Good Guys!? Guess Again and try to stop over simplifying everything…

>>18030021 U.S. Catholic Bishop: Biden an 'Evil President' Who Promotes 'Murder of the Unborn at Every Turn' - Evil calls out Evil in a failed attempt to distance one self! kek

>>18031620 Elon Musk reminds you that Fauci' Wife is his Ethics "Boss" - Anon reminds you that Fauci is a Catholic Jesuit while taunting InthePaytrixxx over P = Payseur!

>>18013463 Tippy top kek round up - Posobiec Hannity! Fitton wishes to remind (CIA) too! - FBI RCC love you long time - maybe if we gather enough gold and pray over it!

>>18013476 Moar Predator Beasts! Poop says War Bad RCC Loves War unless it is the one getting hurt > It's called History

>>17986907 Catholic priest accused of inviting nun to join ‘Holy Trinity’ threesome - he explained this would replicate the three-way relationship the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus.

>>17991627, >>17991677 Vatican investigator says claims of Jesuit abuse true - Rupnik helped found a new religious community - and found favor under St. John Paul II.

Anonymous ID: 0aa0ac March 17, 2023, 3:32 p.m. No.18526814   🗄️.is 🔗kun


Q Vatican RCC Research #6.66 Catacombs of the Black Vatican Edition Notes 600 ish updated 3/17/2023Page 2

>>18033772 Reminder Why the CIA Is Called the ‘Catholic Intelligence Agency’ Catholics have been thriving at the CIA since its earliest days. Who knew? Anon did…

>>18041835 The Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican - YT Video Collection - Clinton, Obama, King Charles, Rothschild, The Vatican, you know, the usual suspects

>>18041977, >>18042252, >>18042372, >>18047851, >>18047855 Benedict was [Benedict]

>>18047861, >>18047882, >>18098001 and those "(Red Shoes)" Drops #1895 and 1898

>>18052082, >>18052091 Vatican Nazi's are so boring these days…

>>18055534 "Cardinal Ratzinger himself caused dissent by issuing a document in 2000 in which he posited that other faiths were" “gravely deficient” in offering salvation and that Protestants were not members of “churches in the proper sense.” kek

>>18056797, >>18059091 Shots Across the Bow? Did POTUS just NOTICE? Anon means "Publicly notice" Think Movie!

>>18067407, >>18067617 Benedict might be [Benedict] yet the ArchDemon of New York, Timothy Dolan, thinks [Benedict] was just swell.

>>18102098, >>18102103, >>18102108, >>18102131, >>18102155 Yep, Glenn Beck is [Glenn Beck]! Anon cannot help it. Anon did not make REALITY this way!

>>18110021 Muh Big Beef Burrito Supreme Court will savior us! Drop #26!

>>18111234, >>18111253 Anon reminds you why Taylor Marshall is a Traitor which anon Proves a little later on… Yup, Taylor Marshall is [Taylor Marshall]. Again! Not Anons fault!

>>18116351, >>18116352, >>18116581 Problems with the "Tridentine" or "Traditional Latin Mass"? What is the "Good Friday prayer for the Jews" and other non believers? Can Religion be Weaponized? Are you in a Cult? The Truth is sometimes Shocking.

>>18124311, >>18124967, >>18128565, >>18130392 Pell was [PELL]! Who knew?! Who lied about Knowing?! Is that what Q calls "Knowingly"?

>>18132710, >>18135313, >>18137387 ArchBishop/ArchDebil Carlo Maria Vigano using the Bible, Romans, Chapter one to send a veiled DEATH THREAT to POTUS?! Listen for yourselves. Plus! Taylor Marshall wants a Catholic Monarchy to Rule America! Thanks for Playing!