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they are stuck with that…that changed last friday on the CME FED watch.

If they pause (stop raising rates-not only is that the 'pivot' that will signal the end of muh dollar and this whole Credit Suisse thing is the 'crisis' being created to take them off-been warning of that for at least 6 months) it also means everyone gets confirmation that they are lying about the contagion affect-they still are lying but have to make it look good

The $2T is nowhere near just buys them moar time-that is all-so they need to do 25bp to make it appear they have it under control and 50bp was only ever a pipe dream even before last week-all talk


The Swiss National Bank are stuck with Credit Suisse-as I think just about all there 'cash' (on it's books at least-they can/will print moar or get it from the NYFRB via a currency swap) was committed to that bailout and they really have nowhere to 'put it' so they will make every effort to keep that sumbitch afloat.