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Federal Reserve to Raise Interest Rates 25 Basis Points Amid Banking Crisis


The Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates another 25 basis points – or 0.25% next week amid the banking crisis.


Two US banks failed in the last week after they were unable to produce enough cash for depositors.


Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank collapsed within the last week.


Moody’s cut the outlook for the entire US banking sector after the banks failed.


The banking crisis stems from the Federal Reserve’s decision to hike interest rates seven times in 2022.


Jerome Powell raised interest rates 450 basis points in 2022 to hedge inflation.


The rate hikes are crushing regional banks but the Fed is expected to raise interest rates again next week.


CNBC reported:


Even with turmoil in the banking industry and uncertainty ahead, the Federal Reserve likely will approve a quarter-percentage-point interest rate increase next week, according to market pricing and many Wall Street experts.


Rate expectations have been on a rapidly swinging pendulum over the past two weeks, varying from a half-point hike to holding the line and even at one point some talk that the Fed could cut rates.


However, a consensus has emerged that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell and his fellow central bankers will want to signal that while they are attuned to the financial sector upheaval, it’s important to continue the fight to bring down inflation.


That likely will take the form of a 0.25 percentage point, or 25 basis point, increase, accompanied by assurances that there’s no preset path ahead. The outlook could change depending on market behavior in the coming days, but the indication is for the Fed to hike.

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Investigations Accuse Family Court Judges Of Sending Children Into Danger


The murder of at least a dozen children in the past three months puts a tragic spotlight on a disturbing pattern of an American court system that appears to be deliberately putting custody in the hands of a dangerous parent.


According to the Center For Judicial Excellence, a national organization that closely tracks the trend, more than 900 children have been killed by one of their parents in the United States since 2008.


A study of the murders shows that many of the children were killed by a parent who was granted either sole or shared custody by a judge despite there being either strong evidence or a conviction of child abuse against them.


It also shows that the murders are mostly committed by fathers. Out of the 53 children murdered since 2022 after a custody switch to the fathers, 7 were committed by mothers.


In Colorado, four children were killed in January and February in a murder-suicide carried out by their father.


As reported by the Denver Gazette and confirmed by The Epoch Times, in all four cases, court records show judges, without explanation, disregarded or just ignored concerns raised by the children’s mothers about their safety if custody was awarded to their fathers.


One of those mothers is Andrea Berry. Her ex-husband Dan Hollins is alleged to have killed their 3-year-old daughter Sophia in February and then himself.


The Elizabeth, Colorado, mom told The Gazette she spent seven years trying to get the police to investigate him on allegations he was sexually abusing Sophia, and using her in child pornography, but that a police commander told her to stop “pestering” the department.


She encountered an even worse attitude from Arapahoe County Family Court Judge Rebecca Moss, who implied Berry would lose custody if she brought up any allegations of abuse. Moss did not repsond to a request for comment.


According to court documents, Berry reported that Sophia came home with ligature marks around her ankles after being with her father and stories about sexual encounters with her dad.