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Keep an eye on the Sun for the next week or so. I don't why I decided to look at the latest SUVI images before going to bed and saw something unusual…and powerful. On the incoming limbs (the left side of the photos) you can see two large sunspots connecting from about 30 N across the solar equator to about 30 S. Huge arch. Can only imagine the power underneath them in the spots.


Oh, one of these is likely the spot group that launched a full halo CME 180* away from Earth at 3,000 km/h. It would've been Carrington or worse if if it had been aimed at us. The backside storms were fairly impressive, the frontside would've been mayhem.


Just for entertainment at the moment, but the star, she turns.


Look at the 171 nm clip that's about 21 sec long…you'll see it.;HMIIHI;211193171;304211171;0211_synoptic;0131_synoptic;0304_synoptic;0171_synoptic;0193_synoptic;0193;0171;HMIBC

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The first 90 seconds. The author of a textbook on solar space weather, NASA and NOAA space weather scientists said what I said.


Why did you say what you did and the way you did? Do you speak to people this way in person? Do people speak to you this way?