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I watched Austin Steinfarts latest videos on his new channel, so you don't have to. There's one vid that may have some truth to it. Anon believes this is Austin's attempt to drop some Truth to harbor some credibility (as honeypots go…) Austin's theory, repeats some already known things about the Vegas Shooting, but aslo gives some details I did not know about.


Video entitled "Karma (The Truth About the Vegas Shooting)"



  • MBS went to gamble in plain clothes (which if made public, could have compromised his qualifications to rule for religious purposes)

  • While he was there, his families paid assassins went to his room, but he wasn't there, alarm sounded, which made the FBI go to the casino floor to get him out.

  • Then the assassins were ordered to shoot up the concert, making it all look like a mass shooting and not a hit on MBS

  • Goes on to talk about how MBS eliminated his enemies, got protection from CIA/FBI, targeted Jeff Bezos with PEGASUS, and the killing of Khassoghi

  • Talks about Trump endorsing Sheriff Joe Lombardo, potentially as a favor for keeping the Vegas shooting quiet


Even if you despise Austin like I do, might be worth a watch if you can stomach it.

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There's one other noteworthy video entitled "Accountability," where he briefly talks to Richard Grennell about the JFK docs. (In a later video "Satanic Pedophiles," he calls Grennell a Jackal who works for the CIA.)


  • Grennells answers are interesting/dodgey. And whether he's CIA like Austin (also CIA) claims, not sure. I do remember he backed Dr. Oz VERY strongly, Gregg Kelly style. Rubbed me the wrong way but it was Trumps endorsement, so who knows.


But the more interesting part are Grennells answers. Austin actually does real journalism here asking why the JFK docs are still redacted if there's nothing there..

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Kek. Trust me im not proud of myself. Purposely didnt share his links.


But Austin is paid by CIA to do his schtick. And he gets inside info for whatever clown purposes they have. Following these clowns is not glamorous but someone needs to keep an eye on them.