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I saw those reports also, and was happy for them, but later I was clued into a Michael Yon report claiming otherwise.

I have been watching Michael for a long time and have found him to be trustworthy and accurate.

He is boots on the ground. It sounds like there is more to the story. I am going to wait a bit before celebrating this election.


Michael Yon: Farmers Party (BBBeter) in Netherlands is a shill fake party funded by CCP/WEF

They are really a Pied Piper Party that is NOT on the Farmers side


Dutch Selections - BBBeter Shell Party

16 March 2023 - Netherlands


Early morning mind-burst, sans edit.


Final votes are still being tallied from yesterday’s elections. Local time now in Holland is 0210 - just after two in the morning.


Enough has been tallied so that we can see the BBBeter party just shot into orbit. Many good farmers were tricked into voting for this Pied Piper Party. And those mistakes will cost many their ancestral farms. Gone forever.


Many still have no idea they are in a state of war. The BBBeter party just acted as a Pied Piper to lead votes away from the very pro-Netherlands FVD party (Forum vor Democracy), and others who are more pro-Netherlands. BBBeter is a shell party of CCP/WEF. Pro open borders. Pro farm confiscation. Pro-putting severe limits on traffic into Schipol airport in Amsterdam. And more and more.


But the BBBeter party sells their policy turds by wrapping them inside a sneekers candy bar wrappers.

They put BBBeter signs on farmland all around Netherlands. Obviously an allusion to Build Back Better. But by calling the BoernBewolkerungBeweging (FarmerCitizenMovement), and slapping a little sugar on their sneekers policies, BBBeter just sneaked right in


BBBeter was afforded massive press and financial support while FVD and other pro-Netherlands parties were shunned other than being attacked. It is important to call things are they are. These unfair elections are over the top to the point they are not elections. They are Selections.


And so, the Built Bag Better party first acted as Pied Piper Party and fluted huge numbers of farmer voters away from the villages. And now watch as BBBeter returns not as Pied Piper, but Trojan Horse and begins destroying farmers.


Dutch farmers who just checked beside BBBeter on the ballot are in for a terrible awakening. This is war. Score is being kept. And if you lose, you REALLY LOSE BIG. Migrants will be living on your land inside Tristate City.

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Farmers LOST their election (per Michael Yon)


Good Farmers were TRICKED into voting for BBBeter Party which is funded by CCP & WEF

It is NOT the real party of the Farmers


Dutch Farmers: Canaries in the Globalist Coal Mine | Michael Yon & Eva Vlaardingerbroek

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Michael Yon, and Eva Vlaardingerbroek discuss recent events encircling the Dutch farmers protest, how their anti-globalist movement mirrors the Canadian Freedom Convoy, and how their message has resonated across the world despite best efforts to silence their voices. (1:40:12)

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>>18529306, >>18529502 Michael Yon claims the FarmersLOST the election


The Farmers were TRICKED into voting for BBBeter Party which is funded by CCP & WEF


He is claiming the "Farmers Party" is a fake CCP/WEF funded party that does NOT support farmers.

They called the BoernBewolkerungBeweging (FarmerCitizenMovement) to fool people.


In my view, and also Eva’s I think, great and honest Dutch farmers were tricked by the Trojan Horse party, BBB. BBB’s own advertisements say it on its face: BBBeter. They literally call themselves the BBBeter party. Most Dutch farmers I talk with have no idea of the significance. Like Jews and Poles not knowing a swastika when they see it.


The goals of the Build Back Better coalition are far more aggressive than Hitler ever could have achieved. Zero hyperbole in that. Look at the banks, the food, etcetera. There is a high chance that many of us who say these things now will be killed if we do not win. STAND NOW, or be DEAD, or a SLAVE. I will be no slave. I will not kneel.

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