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Baker gets Trips of Truth!

ThanQ Ghost Baker!

Your rights:

To Be Clear

First Amendment

Congress shall make no lawโ€ฆabridgingโ€ฆthe right of the people peaceably to assemble.


Peaceably is the key term.

Behaving peaceably means you're actively encouraging peace rather than conflict.

Legal definition: marked by freedom from dispute, strife, violence, or disorder.


Unlike people with bullhorns, loud music, screaming, as in front of SCotUS homes; we need to take a nod from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Non-violent protest is a way to gain moral high-ground.

Do not be goaded into violence or destruction, one assumes they will try to pull us in.


Peaceful. Obeisance of police orders and directives.Don't give them fodder.

A couple breads ago we were hit hard because anons were nonchalant about the Trump news. They want us to be angry and violent.



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Trump's next vice president? No.

Try a 40,000 foot view anon.


No one is buying your BS. You posted your dig and meme a couple of breads. No one picked it up, so move on to something else, something more fruitful.

It happens to all of us, you spend hours putting something together and then it is only meaningful to you. Anons nor autists picked up on it, so keep moving.

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No one hated Black people more.

He was raised in Confederate south. His preacher father was run out of town in Ohio and settled there. Held an anti-American attitude the rest of his days.

His actions for the failed, self-serving (end war forever by committees) 14 Points, alienated Italy and Japan (wouldn't speak to them, racial inferiors) at the table in Versailles, forced them into the enemy's hands.

Ran for re-election kept us out of war knowing full well, the banks would make him join it.

Going away (and there have been many bad ones) our worst president ever.

Not just because he was a eugenicist, progressive piece of shit either. Federal Reserve, 16th Amendment, Palmer raids, all happen during his administration.

All because Teddy Roosevelt was unable to take rejection.

Sorry, Historianon, so triggered.