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it may never happen but if they do not do it how weak do they look then. By trump announcing it he is almost making them pull the proverbial trigger on the arrest. He is saying it, not being caught off guard and if they do not what does the media do call him paranoid for saying he would be arrested and was not? Even though they have been saying it forever. Nah, if there was a time it would be this.

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It is a possibility of bail being denied. Not sure how that would work. Especially for his position. It would be a very ugly play not that I would be shocked either if they tried to parade him around in a jumpsuit. Hoping it does not come to that because that shit will explode even the most calm anon. Hoping its just a stay for trial he is arrested and all that and he goes home and the trial is allowed to be broadcast, because with a media black out on it it will just be whatever they want to paint the days court events as.