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>Second coming of Jesus

Fucking brain-dead mongrels will never get it!

> is an anon.

It's me fucking inferior gatekeeping fuckwits!


It was the connection to the source that made him so special.

He was and is not the only one! There were many before and after him.

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>Is that a Jesus idol with white/light skin?

White skin, blond hair and blue eyes!

He was German, not a filthy hooknosed mongrel!


Think about why the rat children have been settling in Germany for thousands of years, murdering and driving out the best of the Germans. We have something that these rats do not have, a sacred bond. That is the reason why they cross with us! They are trying to get this connection by interbreeding with us!

Fortunately, there are things that this breed cannot steal!

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That's the reason I'm here for! Keck


Correct, I could help them but they refuse!

Not much time left and there will be only one solution left!

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>U.S. Constitution

is written by a bunch of filthy hooknosed mongrels!

It was a declaration of dependence, not a declaration of independence. The Statue of "Liberty" is a hooknosed mongrel too, these rats have screwed you!