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big rumblings at the international organization for migration

iom is the un's lead agency on migration

has a long history outside of the un

was originally formed to deal with migrants after ww2

very practical, on-the-ground organization

director general

is being challenged by his deputy


antonio vitorino from portugal is in line for a second term

challenged by amy pope, an american lawyer

his deputy director general

she acknowledges that it's "a bit awkward" to be running to unseat her boss:

alarm bell:

~Prior to joining IOM, Amy Pope served as the Senior Advisor on Migration to President Biden in 2021~

do you want joe biden's senior advisor on migration

in charge of world migration?

~The Deputy Director General for Management and Reform, Amy E. Pope, directly supervises the Gender and Diversity Unit; the Prevention of and Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Sexual Harassment Unit; the Office of Staff Security; the Office of Ethics and Conduct; the Environmental Sustainability Unit; the Headquarters Building Unit; and the Occupational Health Unit.~

big on climate change

woke to the core, we suspect

have faith, however, in the inertia of united nations agencies

an infinite capacity

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expect a change in she/its wiki page:

~Pippa "Pips" Bunce

(born Philip Bunce) is a British banking executive. Bunce, who is non-binary and genderfluid, is a senior director at Credit Suisse. They serve as the Head of Global Markets Core Engineering Strategic Programs and as the Co-Chair of the LGBT Ally Program at Credit Suisse. In 2018, Bunce was awarded one of the Top 100 Women in Business by the Financial Times. They (hahaha) were also listed on the Financial Times and OUTstanding LGBT and Ally Executive List and were including in the Top 10 Inspiring Leaders list at the British LGBT Awards. In 2022, Bunce received a British Diversity Award.~