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His confidants should be chiming in:




JR & Eric

Chuck Grassley



Some of us are not in a movie but a living nightmare defending against these deadly thugs already and this will be a confrontation with BLM, antifa, NWO cops, and various other thugs. Not a game, we need to know if this is a viable threat or part of the plan. I do not trust the plan in every facet, this is a real war. Reread it he stated J6th arrests are being treated like animals, thugs "killing" and burning. You people all better get your fn heads together on this, because if you f up, you and your families are next. I guess many here have no worries because they haven't been targeted yet but trust me, there are real murderers out there that have zero remorse for any living thing. They attempted to murder me by lethal injection just for trying to warn PDJT about the riots/pandemic on 12/27/19. A pat on the arm from a ring needle is what they did, doesn't even show on cameras. And trust me, there was no wwg1wga or anyone to save me, except God Himself.


I think a good solution would be to have a confidant post about one of our movies.