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America is no longer a sovereign nation. Rather we are a combination of a collection of tribes each with its own society, cultural beliefs, religion, governmental ideologies, etc. And, each one of them is doing all it can to advance its OWN interests. And, even worse one or a few more have the support of the government while others are actively oppressed by that same government. Diversity has destroyed our nation. Think not? Consider this; over a nice cup of coffee or adult beverage sit down within the quiet of your home and consider what "tribe" you would put your life on the line for militarily. Who would you die for in order to protect? Whites? Blacks? LGBTQs? Illegal aliens? The Left? The Right? The Swamp? Joe Biden? The MSM? How, about Schumer? Or, McCarthy? Or, Liz Warren? Or, Graham? Would you die in some mud filled icy cold trench in Eastern Europe for AOC and her gang of political haters? Who you are willing to die for is indicative of where your loyalties lie. Yes, I know; you would die to protect our "nation"? Well just what is our nation now? Yes, you would die to protect the Constitution. That fine. But, just look at what The Left and the Courts and the Swamp has done to our Constitution, and I don't see anyone volunteering to die for that. Think it over. Would you be willing to sacrifice yourself or the lives of your loved ones in some ginned up war against Russia or China? Remember this as you privately contemplate the question; the very same people who get us involved in these wars and the very same people that openly condemn us, lie to us, tax us into poverty, spend us into oblivion, use the mechanisms of government to target us, kill us, send us to jail, mock us, ridicule us, divide us, strip us of our dignity, deny us our God given rights, routinely threaten us, monitor our every action, are the SAME people that insist WE die FOR THEM. Do you think THEY would die for YOU? And, even IF America prevails somehow in that war do you think that those same people - those entities - listed previously will show you anymore respect that they do now?