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anecdote from 'died suddenly news' fb:


I'm a teacher. I'm May, our 47 yo choir teacher dropped in front of the student body while conducting a practice for the concert that evening. Massive ❤️a tt a ck. TRAUMATIC for the 4/5th graders who saw it. I've had a vibrant student out since the middle of December. Parents say she's been having stomach issues. They've "ran every test in the book". She came back for a half day this week. This sweet 5th grade has SEVERE neurological issues. Yes, she may be having stomach issues but it's because her bodies shutting down. It looked like she had a s t o k e. Her speech was slurred, she drug both her feet, the right side of her face drooped and her hands were drawn inward. Through listening to the students conversations earlier in the year, I KNOW she's taken the you know what. My heart is broken!