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WEF Pushes for ‘End of Cash’ amid Banking Crisis


The World Economic Forum (WEF) is hailing the opportunity presented by the global banking crisis to advance toward its goal of a “cashless society.”


Klaus Schwab’s WEF believes that the recent collapse of several large banks has created an ideal argument for “the end of cash.”


The WEF has teamed up with key banking elites to present plans for eradicating the traditional monetary system and replacing it with centralized digital cash.


The idea has been promoted by the WEF for some time as part of its “Great Reset” agenda.


The globalist organization has laid out its plan for the ultimate demise of physical cash in an article on the WEF website authored by Deutsche Bank Macro Strategist Marion Laboure.


Laboure, a WEF member, focuses on the World Economic Forum’s plan for “the end of cash” by ushering in central bank-issued digital currencies (CBDCs) on a global level.


CBDCs are a centralized model favored by globalist governments and economic elites, but they should not be confused with decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.


As Slay News has reported, concerns have been mounting over the push for government-controlled CBDCs.


As we’ve recently seen with governments censoring citizens on Big Tech platforms, CBDCs would give authorities a disturbing level of control of individuals’ lives.


The public’s spending habits could be tracked by the government and those who dissent could be easily penalized or even cut off.

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Do what? Get us in lockdown mode? Mask mandates? Poison vaccine? Allow the left to rig ANOTHER election and usurp power against the will of the people?


No thanks. I’ll pass.

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Why would DeSantis lift a finger to help Trump at this point?


Trump recently accused DeSantis, very publicly, of violating campaign finance laws by fundraising for what he called a “shadow presidential campaign”. So Trump thinks it’s okay to use the same “witch hunt” tactic, which he himself constantly whines about btw, against DeSantis. I have zero sympathy for his “arrest”, which is probably all for show in the first place.