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Still watching the HIVE90 triplets cross the USA, currently passing Nashville. This flight is unusual in that the two planes displaying callsign are both HIVE90 -and the hilarity is that the flight originated from Las Vegas at McCarren International, renamed in 2021 to Harry Reid International …and police code 90 is "gambling." I'd say the hive was definitely doing that …losers.


Should be telling where this flight terminates.

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Anon ever dug much on McCarren International, AKA "Harry Reid International"? Never has taken much effort to know it is a spook site.


Be it fact or fiction, this is an interesting read from a reddit fag about the "real" Area 51 actually being below McCarren:

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It's amazing what you can find by accident. Watching the HIVE90 flights made me want to do a modest dig to refresh my old knowledge about McCarren being a spook site, so I came across this article based on the writings of a redditor who claims to have worked there, and BOOM:


"The base is underground. It’s a network of large structures called hives,"