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Grassley 49 Coincidence


Chuck Grassley

11:19 AM EDT



Tour/Q&a HTC group limited in Humboldt49ppl issues: IRS whistleblowers nursing home/hospital funding secure the border debt ceiling balance the budget high interest rates bipartisanship etc #99countymeetings

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Anons are cheering on the destruction of the Rothschild banking system (incld the Fed), so…


The ‘politicians they hate’ sure do seem upset at the prospect of default.


Precipice was never going to be an easy stroll through sunny meadows, it was never meant to be.

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US Army :17 Tweet


Described as a complete game changer from the Light Medium Tactical Vehicle, the #USArmy’s next generation family of medium-size vehicles is put to the test at @FortBlissTexas.

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Trump DeSantis QProof


Ron DeSanctimonious had ZERO CHANCE of winning the Republican primary for governor of Florida before a man named President Donald J. Trump endorsed him!


2:31 PM EDT


Sync to drop 1431, feat. DeSantis tweet screen