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At the lowest time in my life, everything was going downhill. My mental and physical health was in a pit. No longer able to work, friends faded away. I became housebound, struggling physically to maintain my home and yard, among other things. But, I was raised to suck it up and carry-on, which I have done my entire life. Strong, independent, hard-working. At this point I couldn’t, I had the audacity to assume I could never be physically disabled, unable to work. One day, I was looking at all the happy people on Facebook, and saw an open post, asking if anyone needed help around their home. It mentioned house work, yard work, etc. I thought, oh boy, what kind of scam is this? It wasn’t. It was actually lovely Mormon church members. I was taught never to take something for free, but Im at a point where I can’t even afford gifts for my grandchildren. The offer kept popping up for weeks. I was so disgusted with myself, looking at my yard, that I used to take such pride in, so I finally called to ask for that free hand out that I was taught never to take. I reluctantly called the number and got a hold of some nice young men who said they were resided in San Luis. They asked where I lived. I said Morro Bay, they gave me a different phone number of someone from Morro Bay. I thought, Could it be? I called and got an answering machine, identifying themselves as the latter-day Saint etc. I left my information, my name, phone number and a brief snippet, just saying I would like to have help with yard work.

I allowed myself a sliver of hope. After a week, and no reply, I gave it another chance thinking maybe I wasn’t speaking clearly enough and maybe someone will answer this time. Once again, the answering machine, same message. Speaking clearly, I gave my information, this time twice, thanked them in advance for their kindness. Here’s the end of my story. They never called me back. I was ghosted by the Mormons at the lowest time of my life. To rub salt in the wound, I kid you not. 24 hours later, there are Mormons youth knocking on my door, trying to spread their word. I thanked them for their time and shut the door.