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Tick Tock


Tick tock goes the clock

Oh Look at how things teter

I tried to shout and tried to cry and pipe it up like Peter


Fasciculations of the fall now strengthen everyday

Soon the mountain seize, erupt and night replaces day


Hickory dickery dock no need to tend the flock

The wolves let in, they’re having din, nows time to crash the stock


Still in the field they play cover their eyes and bey

Watchers watch and hear their talk and laugh as things give way


Stay silent in the pain around their necks the chain

And off the side the ball will slide and sink them down the drain


There’s not much more to say

Blue skies now give to rain

And when they need a helping hand I’ll just stay in my lane


They all cry out behave, stupidity is brave

But in the end they all will weep now gone is all their pay


I’m glad I’ve walked away their night I live in day

In all the extra room I see I’ll stretch my legs and lay


So tick tock goes the clock

More needles and more hearts will stop

More needles and more clots to block

But time will tell so wind the clock


Tick tock goes the clock