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Even MOAR importanter is that this pledge was instituted after the destruction of a willing confederation of equals under eternal shit stain lincoln.


Fuck that pledge. If you need to FORCE people to say it, obviously your governmental style is evil fuck.


This country hasn't been a republic since that military punishment pledge was created. We have all been slaves with invisible masters ever since fagboi lincoln killed hundreds of thousands just to keep them profits coming in for the bankers.

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lincoln killed the republic. Republic requires consent of the governed and we haven't had that since lincoln decided to kill hundreds of thousands of his fellow countrymen to make sure that the northeast had it's tax revenue from the south.

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Another person from India helping destroy the US.


India still isn't our ally, why are we sending them billions of dollars a year again? Why are they allowed to place almost all H1B visas, and WHY do H1B visas still exist?


When you import millions of people who are bereft of positive religion and who STILL have a system that dooms people based on their birth aspects, you get what we're seeing.


Start exporting folks FROM india back TO india. Make american companies hire americans.


Why and how do we have so many foreign born assholes in government anyways?

Anonymous ID: fcb93a May 25, 2023, 1:13 p.m. No.18902563   🗄️.is 🔗kun


What was saved? Seriously consider the change that occurred under lincoln's watch. The willing association of free men came to an end.


People were no longer allowed to vote with their feet. DC became inescapable.


If you worship at the feet of fedgov, lincoln was wonderful.


Anon is well aware of capitalization. It's not grammar kitty, it's literally a matter of respect. This anon does not respect a mass murderer who killed to protect their masters' income.