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I couldn’t find this in the “Independent” UK news, but its a good laugh.

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25 May, 2023 19:25

Chinese hackers spying on key US infrastructure – Microsoft

Experts claim ‘mitigating’ Beijing’s surveillance could be ‘challenging’


A group of state-sponsored Chinese hackers have been conducting asophisticated surveillance operation on key US infrastructure assets, tech giant Microsoft claimed on Wednesday, warning that similar practices could be happening elsewhere in the world.


In a statement, Microsoft claimed that the group – which has been dubbed ‘Volt Typhoon’ – has been surveillingUS infrastructure organizations, including in thetelecommunications and transportation sectors, since mid-2021.It has also, the tech company said, conducted operations tospy on United States facilities in Guam, where key US military assets are housed in the Pacific Ocean. (Do SAT Phones for senators make sense now. Question why did they start in 2021, and not under Trump? Could it be Bidan cancels kicking out Chinese spys from America and the Universities? If you were China would you disable Guam, our communication and logistics hub, before you invaded Taiwan, so our Navy was disabled?)


Microsoft said that “mitigating this attack could be challenging” and that Beijing was makingefforts to reduce Washington’s abilities to communicate with the “Asian region.”


The tech company also claimed to have assessed with “moderate confidence” that this Volt Typhoon campaign was “pursuing the development of capabilities that could disrupt critical communications infrastructure between the United States and the Asia region during future crises.”


Microsoft added that it believed the Volt Typhoon campaign to be targeting arange of US infrastructure sectors, including communications, manufacturing, utility, transportation, construction, maritime, government, information technology and education.


Beijing described the Microsoft report as “highly unprofessional” and dismissed it as “disinformation.”


Separately, on Wednesday, the Five Eyes intelligence network, comprised of agencies in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, issued a Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA), in which it highlighted a “recently discovered cluster of activity of interest” from what it said was the state-sponsored Volt Typhoon cyber actor in China.


The UK intelligence services also warned that methods used by Chinese hackers to infiltrate US systemscould be applied to other nations, according to The Guardian on Thursday.


In response, Beijing’s foreign ministry spokesperson, Mao Ning, dismissed the Five Eyes hacking claims as a “collective disinformation campaign” that proved Washington was expanding its spread of disinformation outside of government agencies.(So will lefties regret pushing the words disinformation, misinformation and malinformation since Chinese is using it as a weapon? Hell No, that was the goal!)


“But no matter what varied methods are used, none of this can change the fact that the United States is the empire of hacking,” Mao said.


Tensions between Beijing and Washington have increased in recent months, principally due to China’s claims that the United States is backing “secessionist forces” on the self-governing island of Taiwan – which Beijing claims as its territory. Washington, meanwhile, has also expressed concern at China’s military activities in the Indo-Pacific region.


(It is clear Bidan, Pelosi and the democrats wanted to push Taiwan trouble early on, so ultimately China can take over not only Taiwan but our country. These useful idiots will be the first executed because they serve no purpose any longer.These events are beyond the precipice now!)

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25 May, 2023 17:30

Google removes ‘Slavery Simulator’ – media

The game was withdrawn one month after its launch in the tech giant's online store


Google has removed a game from its online store in Brazil whichallowed players to trade and torture enslaved people, following criticism from figures in the South American country who say the US tech giant and the game’s developer should be held to account.


The game – called‘Slavery Simulator’ – casts the player in therole of a slave owner who can buy and sell black characters, and inflict various forms of torture on them. It was withdrawn from Google’s online store in Brazil on Wednesday, a little over a month after its release,but remains playablefor the more than 1,000 people who downloaded it over the past four weeks, according to the Brazilian publication Globo.


One review of the game in the Google Play store describes it as “excellent to pass the timebut lacking more torture options.”


The game has prompted an outcry in Brazil. “Blatant racism,” Renata Souza, a black activist and politician in Rio de Janeiro, tweeted on Wednesday. “The image illustrating the game has a white man surrounded by black men.It is absurdly violent. Google and the developer must answer for this crime of hatred and racism.”


Brazil’s ministry for racial equality said it has contacted thedeveloper, Magnus Games, as well as Google to implement measures to restrict racist content online. It added that the people behind the game will be held legally responsible, the Guardian reported on Thursday.


“The racial equality ministry reiterates its irreversible commitment to eliminating racial inequalities and promoting policies that curb the dissemination of racist content online, in football stadiums, and in society as a whole,”the governmental body said in a statement this week, referencing the abuse directed at Brazilian footballer Vinicius Junior during a recent game in Spain.


The legislature in the South American country is currently considering proposals which aim to requiresocial media companies to implement measures to reducecriminal or dangerous content spread by their platforms. This comes after tech companies in Brazil – including its Google office – were criticized for a failure to adequately moderate racist or criminal content.


Brazil is estimated to have transported around 4 million slaves from Africabefore it implemented the so-called ‘Golden Law’ in 1888 which abolished slavery in all forms. It was the last country in the Americas to do so.


(WTF, how and why was this approved to be released?)