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Joe Biden’s puppet master, George Soros, has publicly stated that he wants a LONG, DRAWN-OUT Republican primary that leaves our Party DIVIDED.

He wants Republicans to burn through millions and millions of dollars on a primary that lasts through the summer of 2024 instead of attacking Crooked Joe.

Meanwhile, Biden will be left unscathed, and Soros can quietly buy the White House once again.

At that point, you can just wave goodbye to our country, because there will be no coming back from 4 more years of Biden and Kamala in the White House.

…But we have the chance to avoid that nightmare scenario entirely.

Right now, WE have a 50-point lead in the Republican primary. Even Fake News CNN has called our lead “historic.” It’s undeniable.

The time has come to WRAP UP the Republican primary so that we can use all of our many resources on the REAL battle: firing Biden, destroying the Deep State, and saving America.

Please make a contribution to help us LOCK UP the Republican nomination – and together, let’s Make America Great Again for 1,500% impact.