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Lots of people and beings.

Subconscious thoughts can effect a person's actions. Subconscious feelings as well. However, i dare to doubt; in case you can classify a thought as a thought in how far we can speak of a subcionscious thought Because by recognizing the thought as the thought we are manifesting a conscious action namely; recognizing… (the tought in this case)


I don't know for sure; i think it is a common way of doing (subconsciously worshipping) in nature itself.

Like the moth constantly flying to the lamp or the person who is craving for a cigarette…


However i see both cases as well as conscious and subconsciously


I know what i know. I don't know what others know.

I don't know what is right.

I don't know if right exists.

I don't think right exists.

I think god exists. Love is very important and universal consciousness is the base of the universe and all of that is. And that's simply unending and can itself be seen as god.