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Support For Israel Drops As 68% Of Americans Want Ceasefire, Negotiations


A new Reuters/Ipsos poll reveals that 68% of Americans believe Israel "should call a ceasefire and try to negotiate" with Hamas, indicating widespread opposition to continued military operations in Gaza. This viewpoint was shared by approximately three-quarters of Democrats and half of Republicans, demonstrating broad public support for de-escalation.


When asked what role the United States should play in the conflict, just 32% of respondents believed that "the U.S. should support Israel." This figure represents a substantial drop from the 41% who expressed support for Israel in a previous Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted just a month earlier in mid-October.


Another noteworthy shift in sentiment is the growing number of Americans who favor neutrality in the conflict. The poll shows that 39% of respondents now believe that "the U.S. should be a neutral mediator." This marks a significant increase from the 27% who held this view in the earlier poll, signaling a clear trend toward a more balanced approach.


What's more, the poll - which asked 1,006 US adults, also sheds light on how involved the United States should be - with just 4% of respondents advocating for U.S. support for Palestinians, and 15% who say the U.S. should not be involved in the conflict at all. These figures have remained relatively consistent with the earlier poll's findings.