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planeFag CONUS Activity-Xi back in Beijing


ADVC12 KC135 tanker over Potato doin’ nuffin after arriving at New Castle Cty Airport after ditching the 747 (it went back to JBA) at Philadelphia Intl from it’s SFO depart.

>>19933537 pb


Xi left last night from SFO

Arrived at Beijing Intl about 6.5h ago-cap 3


>>19934732 pb Chinese AF CA16 747 Xi Xinping departed SFO back to Beijing-met with Marcos earlier today


SAM330 G5 back to JBA after a stop at MacDill AFB


RCH270 C5 Galaxy and RCH879 C17 Globey inbound from Spangdahlem AB depart


VV101 US Navy G5 west from JBA


KECK233 C17 Globey on ground at SFO picking up equipment from Potato/Flauxtus/kneepads visit this last week


VINYL79 C17 looks like heading to same for additional equipment p/I


GTMO845 heading to Ft Lauderdale or NAS JAX


LOBO474 C560 heading to GITMO from Key West depart


Lid called about an hour ago on Potato

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Loved yer red text spergathon last night

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If asking nicely twice is “sperging”


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