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Remember that post well. Shrugged it off because this an anonymous message board though. Will say this though. Do miss the end of bread lists that Freddy would put together. Anon feels it was a good training tool for newfags. And probably did a lot to prevent the slide in board decorum that we see today.

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Gotta hand it to ya. You are nothing if not ambitious. Plane fagging from a mobile device. Ugh. Not this PF. 4G LTE with a few bars? Yeah it is going to be laggy and slow to update for sure. Get on a good wifi if you can and it will probably improve. Dunno what mobile data plan you have. But this anon's "unlimited" mobile data is only "unlimited" in the sense that will have full connection speed available if below a certain monthly data amount. And beyond that still have data. But it is at a reduced speed (throttled). This PF only posts PF stuffs from home PC for the very reasons described herein.

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That video is so convincing. WHy isn't this all over the MSM news? Especially after the US gov has already admitted that UFOs exist? Guess not everyone is as gullible as the average tik tok user. This is somewhat encouraging actually. Now stop spamming that bullshit. Try harder. And come back with something that is actual proof instead of kindergarden level alterations of actual flight sim video capture.