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According to the unredacted 2019 tax filing, AIEF drew millions of dollars from eight philanthropic groups, estates, and family foundations: the Koret Foundation, the Swartz Foundation, the Jewish Communal Fund, the One8 Foundation, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, the Paul E. Singer Foundation, Milton Cooper 2013 Revocable Trust, and the estate of Hedy Orden. These donors helped finance 129 AIEF-sponsored trips to Israel in 2019, totaling $2.32 million, according to the public records database LegiStorm.


Meet one of the giant money laundering machines. There's a whole laundry mat of them, but this one is a big one.

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The Koret Foundation is led by a four-member board of directors: Michael Boskin, president; Anita Friedman, president; Richard Greene; and Abraham Sofaer. Its professional staff is led by chief executive officer Jeffrey Farber.[2]


Member in the old days when people would dig into these names. But nowadays, because they are all Jews, people stopped digging.

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>Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation


In 1987, Charles Schusterman and Lynn Schusterman, whose family business, Samson Investment, had grown to become one of the nation's largest independent oil and gas companies,[1] created the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.[2][3]


The organization more than doubled annual giving to over $400 million in 2020.[6] The organization is known for supporting Jewish causes and organizations around the world as well as its work in Israel.[7] In the U.S., it also supports: K-12 public education improvements, criminal justice reform, and gender and reproductive equity.[2] It also supports youth development and advocacy in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.[8] The organization upped its education spending from $63 million in 2019 to $105 million in 2020.[9] During 2020, the organization gave $150 million in COVID-19 relief.[10] It has partnered with initiatives to protect voting rights, help reduce poverty, and promote economic mobility for people leaving the criminal justice system.[11][12] It has also invested in equitable care infrastructure, such as universal paid family and medical leave, and accessible childcare.[13][14]


There money always goes into agenda and child "protection"

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>Paul E. Singer Foundation


In his philanthropic activities, Mr. Singer has played a leadership role in supporting research and scholars in the areas of free-market economics, rule of law and transparency, health care delivery innovation, U.S. national security, and the future of Israel.


Mr. Singer is also active in supporting LGBT equality efforts. According to The New York Times,he was “instrumental in the successful campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in New York.”

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Apple to pause advertising on X after Musk backs antisemitic post

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Tesla drivers told us what they think of Elon Musk supporting an antisemitic post: 'Why can't he shut up?'

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Krugman was born to a Ukrainian Jewish family,[20][21] the son of Anita and David Krugman. In 1914, his maternal grandparents immigrated to the United States from Ukraine,[22] while in 1920, his paternal grandparents arrived from Belarus.[23][24] He was born in Albany, New York, spent several years of his childhood in the upstate city of Utica,[25] before growing up from age eight in Merrick, a hamlet in Nassau County, Long Island. [26] He graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Bellmore.[27]


Remember when the build up to the fake new award from Trump days and Krugman won?

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Tucker Carlson spreads antisemitic message in interview with Candace Owens