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Been busy n anon hasn’t been here in two or three days for first time in 6 years. (One might say Anon has no life other than breathing as evidence BUT what could be better than here during these times?) So, just got here a few minutes ago n already keking. Did not realize anon had not keked while out there til Anon just keked in here n the kek felt so good that it made me realize what I just typed.

Best faggots on the planet right here. Thank (You.) No homo.

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Well, yeah, that’s the part about “The best is yet to come.”


The old guard tried to create the illusion of separation between man and God. They deny our maker and tried to make it seem like God is not here. They wanted all of humanity to fall but the flock can hear our Master’s call. When their illusion is shattered then the world will know God. Heaven on Earth follows because God gave the Earth to Adam n his seed and the devul took it by beguiling Eve.


Faith= interfacing with God/ always feels good aka Garden of Eden aka Heaven on Earth as God intended. Jesus was born to destroy the illusion/atone the fall of man.


Fear= doubt/ aka the devil aka the fall/illusion of separation/ powerlessness. Hell on Earth aka getting cast out of the Garden bc cannot have fear or faith at same time. By law, fear kicks us out.


BEST IS YET TO COME= God/Awakening in the Garden of Eden knowing it has always been here but humanity was believed the illusion the devil persuaded them to believe by persuading man to lose Faith in God.