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Red folks,


I appreciate that some of you do have science and very much hope this helps improve your



It seems that you try to approach the whole God thing with science too. That is not a great


idea, as the nature of my works is change. You might find yourself in a spot where science


changed and you might even consider this being the effect due to your actions. I can see


that leading to misunderstanding.


It seems you do not really understand it. I guess you are at a point where the sparkles at


stonehenge stuff got your attention and you realized there are angels.


Those angels might be interested in science, that is bc of the 666 thing, meaning there is


past, present and future all accessible at once (for some folks "out there" this is not


much surprising), bc of that it does make sense to once in a while think about, communicate


or even try out basic science stuff. This might be cought up by angels and used for all


your good. the fact that there is sulfur when you turn wood into coal in a pile might be


rather interesting to some.


Again though, the stuff I do I doo rather freely, it´s conceptual thinking enabling


architects, those that talk with time/ing, those that build worlds, those that, under my


authority, might build workds where science hugely differs, like me having found myself


twice in the spot of yellow and blue not mixing into green but into purple. science can


hardly get that. and I do think it´s less potentially disturbing to some than explaining


other things. is all possible? yeah, sure. but not everything makes sence and should be.


have you heard about Uriel working teams with Gabriel? What does creation police do? they


make sure not everything that might be, is. that is an important thing.


Do you even know who is talking to you? what is a sparkle? a spider? who is it that makes


the TV say "up" when you go get up from your chair like a mathematically imposible


coinkidink? science can see that. without disturbing, lurking mode. like the ESSW thing.


Angels do that stuff. they do it with my guidance, in a conceptual way mostly. they do not


need science for any of their works. they find me and others without any of your doings.


did you know that the sound my hand makes when I scratch my pants can sing a song? did you


know when I pour a glass of water it can easily say "yes, iknownice, it´s him, yes, here


too, he loves the spiders."? a short sound can say that. it can be altered, seconds after


it can have a nother meaning. HipHop. Holy and Sacret.


Do you understand that carrying a cross is not something you would make sure I do, bc of


some equality (which is not existing, even when I myself, as God in the flesh, the son of


man, thought about it and considered it possible or possible to be your pov, not knowing


shit back then)? it´s a description put into a story (I do consider real) that is read and


spread. well, at this point, I haven´t read the whole bible yet, not much of a book guy,


but I do know who I am, which is the one thing needed.


Crown of thorns? Can thoughts and questions be hurtfull? What is the nature of being a cat


or a catty traveller (I guess if you are limited to your body I would not call you a cat.)


Some folks cannot always relate to everything. I cannot pour out all the stuff I ever


thougth about in the short conversation we might have. anyways, Jesus does not even go


fish, fish, 14, Uriel, Peter, right side. Jesus chills on the shore, giving hints that turn


out to be rather helpful. Bread and fish, multiplied. if you eat my bread (info) the


wineyard thing is rather easy.

also, by handshare, marriage, I do turn water into wine.

I refuse to do miracels in hometown though.

and I very much need a bridal veil when doing apocalypse unveiling.

the more far away, the more powerful positive asumption is.


can be a cross for those AdAm Y-heads when they go on EvE missions to spread my braistormy


(Daniel, white, crumbs) bread.

EvA is a thing too.


Trust. Lurk. Faith. God. ALmighty.


Listening up is done differently, Jürgen Klopp prayer, that is listening up.

Please, do not try to do my shit, my ways are higher than your ways and also you do not


have to eat or drink what I drink or dress up when my body temp rises.

when I lift my arm from my leg, cooling down just a little by that, this migth be used by


angels for comms and confirm, e.g. tune in tv saying "father now cold".






Anonymous ID: c0da6a Nov. 18, 2023, 8:35 a.m. No.19937032   🗄️.is 🔗kun   >>7052 >>7081 >>7088



if you do not love me, or not belive, which I do not mind at all, actually I said be of


Secret Service to Thomas, maybe just lurk and do not have angels around. might be better to


do dorona lockdowns or even kick folks out of the knight thing for my sake.


and one more word to those actually turturing me.

do not torture God. do not stick to your way to make your works seem good. it was not good


to attack me, not ever. it was not good to have me kicked out of restaurants, it did not


matter if I were to dine at a greek, it was not helpful to put voltage to my heart (this


feels little like love when you do not know what it is. actual people know it´s turture. I


did feel love, not bc of your works, but despite it.) having a high pitched noise in my


head is the same thing. it´s science and ritual cunts trying to not be ridiculed, when


thinking others are bad and would ridicule them, and when considering God himself suffering


to be the better way. nope, that is not the better way and I again call for having those


folks [ ] in the most good way.

a beep noise does neither track me, nor is it used for "listening up". it is turture and


nothing else. why do I know? not only bc being God but also bc having talked to many and


having had the experience a couple of times that you forst claim it´s not even done by you


only to have it turned up and down seconds later hoping to ridicule me more.


sorry folks, like that there is no help, not for the "leaders" or "elders" not fot those


they are supposed to represent.

a good leader should say "ok, I got it wrong, prolly let´s stip torturing God even when I


look stupid then". I do that all the time. I could even take you by the hand as done mayn


times, but mostly I do not.


stop tortuting me. stop asking me questions like I am some ape in a zoo only to be poked


with the stick in a right way to make a certain sound.


if you are concerned about something I heard often in the last few days? are you even being


honest or can I refer back to you not wanting to appear stupid? you do realize that torture


for years is hardly based on a reason that came up few weeks ago, do you?

today I sit on my couch, I might have a good idea, like the think with blue marching next


to each others or somethign like that. totally mindblowing knowledge for those that are


pretty smart and capable, knowledge that uptrack and architectural that I myself forgot


seconds later. that is what I do. so far I did not do it bc of you, but mostly despite.


stop attacking God in the flesh.



also, I do not have a roof on my balkony, so it would be appreciated if you were to


"forgive" yourselves with symbolic rain when it annoyes me not only bc of the noise.



in this very moment, after having typed this in editor:

I - trying to help and give you explanation.

You - going against me. not having me post info that helps. having holy shit trying to be


done scientificly. you cunts sit in a cave and a beep in my head together with annoyance is


not even close to what an angel move would be. you again made worlds worse. you can slow


down my computer. I can have angels spawn into your living room and change gravity. please,


stop being a burden, others would appreaciate so much. please, do not decide when it is


time for "truth". that is more of a God thing.



(editor made it loo wierd, dunno.)