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Unless you can convince me that God is not All there is, then I’m forced to express the opinion that I (and you, as a reflection of me and vice versa) am God.

We are God.




Where does God end and ‘You’ begin?

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Good series of posts.

Using similar strategy I was able to reverse years of brain damage from drug abuse. Mental calisthenics are difficult. More difficult for me than physical, but I struggled through it and salvaged my brain. Wood recommend anons who have time to consider training their memory banks

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Did anons see the PBD podcast with the cia shill talking about Antarctica?

I found myself wondering what the one real thing was that he was limping in with all the bullshit to muddy the waters down the road?

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You don’t find it the least bit convenient that the imbedded radical islamists are exposing themselves a mere few months before trump gets back into office?