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USA Spending, the FBI, Vertical Jobs, Inc. and "Roll Players"


Anon stumbled over this while looking at government spending on buses in DC.

Vertical Jobs, Inc. (Leesburg, VA) provides"Roll Players"to the government. If you would like to find this information, go to

(see pic 1.1) and click on "View awards to this recipient". You will find that Vertical Jobs, Inc. has had 250 contracts listed on USA Spending (see pic 1.3). If you scroll to the right, you will learn that one of those contracts was for $1,082,330 (see pic 1.4). That contract ran from 9/14/2022 to 7/31/2023 and involved a"Roll Player". For a real kick in the pants, scroll further to the right and look in the column titled "DEFC" to find aQ(see pic 1.5). In fact, you can now scroll down the columns and find moreQs.


Anon has only scratched the surface on the 250 contracts awarded to Vertical Jobs, Inc.. It would be great if frens could go through them and see if the timing on these awards have any connection to FF events, J6 or other events.

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USA Spending, the FBI, Vertical Jobs, Inc. and "Roll Players"


If you click on the $1,082,330 "Award ID" number you will end up here (pic 2.1).

USA Spending - VERTICAL JOBS, INC. - 250 awards - Delivery Order (DO) - PIID 15F06722F0001819



At this point it becomes obvious that the math is fuzzy. This page shows $1.1 million plus $1.3 million for a total of $2.9 million. It must be that new math. This page maintains the "Roll Player" title, while adding training. In the expanded view of this page, we learn that DOJ and FBI Division 1200 are awarding and funding this fuzzy math (see pic 2.2). Maybe the figures in pic 2.5 will help straighten out the math but Anon doubts it.

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USA Spending, the FBI, Vertical Jobs, Inc. and "Roll Players"


Anon found it curious that this USA Spending Vertical Jobs, Inc. sauce first lead to pic 3.1.


Anon archived the page anyway and it appeared like pic 3.2 on the archive page.


Now, when Anon goes to this sauce, it appears like pic 3.3.

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USA Spending, the FBI, Vertical Jobs, Inc. and "Roll Players"


Vertical Jobs, Inc. - About Us

"Vertical Jobs, Inc. is a 100% woman-owned small business that was founded in 2002, and is dedicated to providing experienced role players to law enforcement and government agencies ."

-Anne Crossman, President

-MaryaPickering, VP Business Development


Vertical Jobs, Inc. - Executive Team

Anne Crossman, President


Vertical Jobs, Inc. - Core Competencies


Vertical Jobs, Inc. - NAICS CODES


Do Anons know what the NAICS Codes are?