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Just posting because interesting


Not Op Cue

On Two Separate Occasions On @Instagram Live@RobertKennedyJr Confirmed JFK Jr. Is Still Alive & Set To Return With Comm Requests From The Live Comments: 1️ @1986TheAct @DrWakefield Nose Tap 2️ @AwakenWithJP Eye Rub 🔍 JFK Jr. Spotted At Trump Rally 💊

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🔥 David Sacks RIPS Gavin Newsom for Cleaning Up San Francisco for 'Fancy People'



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What does the 20th stair mean?


On inauguration day Trump may put a tiny little desk on the 20th stair to sign executive orders



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Harnwell: why “Pope” Francis’s dictatorial tyranny might be the cause of his own downfall




During the clerical sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, the Holy See deftly escaped direct criminal liability in US courts — for potentially $hundreds of billions — by arguing, amongst other things, that a pope doesn’t have the power to remove a bishop against his will.

This was necessary to demonstrate that bishops aren’t employees of the Vatican. Many years later and #NotMyPope has just done precisely that by sacking the holy Bishop Strickland.


Given that the cardinals are as venal as Francis is, if confronted with the choice of either deposing him (his many heresies would be the technical means) or now having the Holy See’s assets liquidated — my bet is he would be toast.